Verve Credit MasterCard is powered by Mid America Bank. It can be use everywhere where Visa and MasterCard are accepted. It is a credit card you can use to finance everyday expenses and also building your credit score at the same time.


Verve Credit Card Benefits

  • Free online account access 24/7
  • For every $1 you spent, you earn one point.
  •  Cardholders get $100 money back for 1500 points
  • For any aircraft trip, Cardholders get $100 off for 8000 points
  • Get $25 gift card for 3000 points
  • $50 gift card for 5000 points.
  • Verve Application process is easy and fast
  • The verve Credit c is accepted where MasterCard is approved.
  • Get $50 gift voucher for 5000 points, and $25 blessings card for 3000

Verve Credit Card Fees and Rates

  • Annual fee- $59
  • APR  Rate is $23.9%
  • Has initial Credit limit if $500
  • Credit limit -$5000
  • Yearly fee – $96 yearly expense and $10 month to month charges which signifies $216 every year.
  • Has annual and monthly fee that would add up to $216 per year.

Criteria for Apply Verve Credit C

  • You must be up to 18years and have a social security number
  • Details of your finance and Employment should be provided

How to Apply for Verve Credit MasterCard

  • Scroll to Mid America Bank and Trust Company and fill their application form
  • Enter your complete name, address, Email address, phone number and your residential address.
  • Type in your city, state, Zip code,
  • Answer the question if you have an active checking account (Yes or No)
  • Click on continue Application
  • Tab submit
  • You will receive a response within fifty minutes telling you the result.
  • Once the Verve Credit Card is approved, the card will be sent to you by mail.

To Login into Verve Credit C

  • Go to Sign in page of the Continental Finance
  • Enter your username and password
  • Next, click ‘submit’

How to Activate Verve CC

  • To activate your card you need to call at 1 866 449 4514

Recover Lost Username or Password

  • Open the login page of the Bank
  • Go  to sign in section
  • Click on ‘Forgot  Username ‘ or’ Forgot Password’ link
  • Enter the requested details and you can set a new password or username.

How to make Verve Credit C Bill Payment

  • Log into the online Verve Credit account
  • Next, fine the payment option and make your payment.
  • OR you use the payment number 1-866-449-4514

How to Recover Lost or Stolen Verve Credit Card

  • Call at 1 866 449 4514 report for lost or stolen verve credit C.

The Verve Credit MasterCard Customer Service Number

  • Call at 1-886-449-4514, for general information and enquires on Verve Credit Card, or visit the client benefit page.

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